Borderland / La Frontera is a photo memoir spanning three decades sniffing around the US - Mexican border and documenting the changes, from the shock that two countries, not at war, would erect a wall between them, to getting to know the determined people who risk their lives to get past it every day hoping for a better life.

James Whitlow Delano is a Tokyo-based photographer, homesick for California.  His work has been published and exhibited throughout the world and has led to four monograph photo books, the first being "Empire; Impression from China" and the latest on the "Black Tsunami; Japan 2011" on the epoch-changing triple disaster in Japan.  Projects have been cited with the Alfred Eisenstadt Award (from Columbia University and Life Magazine), Leica's Oskar Barnack, Picture of the Year International, NPPA Best of Photojournalism, PDN and other for work from China, Japan, Afghanistan, and Latin America, etc.  In 2015, He founded EverydayClimateChange (ECC) Instagram feed, where photographers from 6 continents document global climate change on 7 continents.  ECC bears witness that climate change is not happening "over there" but it is also happening right here and right now.  ECC is not a western view on climate change because photographers come from the north, the south; the east and the west; and are as diverse as the cultures in which we were all raised.